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Why MidCity Service?

  • MidCity Mobile uses the best parts they can get their hands on.


Many of the parts MidCity uses are Original Equipment Manufacturer parts, or “OEM Parts” this means they are made at the same factories as the parts in the phone and come from the actual manufacturer of the phone.
OEM Refurb are referred to as parts that where at one point from a phone, but have been refurbished to a like new condition. One sees this mainly in phone screens. When a screen is damaged, a majority of the time only the glass is cracked. The LCD, which displays the image, and the touch sensor, or “Digitizer” are fine. Many companies, either overseas, or here in the US have invested in thousands of dollars worth of equipment to replace just the glass on these screens, keeping the original LCD and/or Digitizer, and only replacing the frame and the glass with new, sometimes stronger glass than the original.
Some business will also use Aftermarket parts, which may be more cost effective, but in MidCitys experience, are nowhere near the quality or reliability of OEM or OEM Refurbished parts.

Sometimes, the only option for 3rd party repair business is aftermarket or OEM refurb. This is because companies, such as Apple, do not supply original parts and would rather create a monopoly on the repair aspect of their devices. They do this by purposely making their devices difficult and with some components, impossible to repair for yourself or a independent repair shop such as MidCity. You can learn more about the movement to fight companies taking part in such practices at repair.org and following the #RightToRepair movement.

  • Mid-City stands behind all of their work

A 30-day device guarantee to ensure everything on a device is working as it should after a repair, and an entire one year warranty on the parts replaced against defects.

  • 5+ Years EXPERIENCE in the mobile repair industry

Jeff Caauwe, the main repair tech behind MidCity Phone reapir has been working in the mobile electronics industry for over 6 years and repair them for over 5. He even owned his own business, JCow Repairs, a repair shop in Norfolk, NE before joining forces with MidCity.

MidCity has been the place of premium quality for electronics, appliances, and furniture, and will continue to be so for mobile electronics repair.

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