Screen protectors, they’ve gone through a few different phases. Do you remember back in the slider phone days, those flimsy screen protector, those ones that peeled and really only protected against scratches. They didn’t do much for drops or impacts.

Then as touch screen phones took off, tempered glass came along, and was the standard for a while. But once manufacturers began to curve the edge of their screens, it became more difficult to get a screen protector that would fit the entire screen, AND work with a case. AND not to mention, if your phone was too old, or too new. It was challenging to find someplace with it in stock.

Enter Protection Pro.
Protection Pro is a polyurethane, custom cut, impact resistant, scratch resistant, premium screen protector. It’s the same sort of materials used on car windshields to resist breakage.
It’s a rubbery type sheet that covers the entire phone, regardless of curved glass.

And the best part is, we custom cut it on demand, right here in store. This means any device, any phone, any generation, watch, tablet, laptop. You name it, we can cut it and install it.

We can also do more than just screen protectors, we can cut and install custom skins. I you’re like me, you can show off a bit of style without a case, and still protect against the normal wear and tear.

Protection Pro is available now here at MidCity, INSTALLED at:

$19.99 for phones
$9.99 for Wearables, like watches
$29.99 for Tablets
Purchases with a repairs, receive $5 off.
All receive a 30 day guarantee against peeling, bubbles, and discoloration.