Phone Repair Agreement, Guarantee, and Warranty



All repairs are done as a task based repair, meaning we will only repair what has been requested and recorded on the ticket.

Should a device need more repair, the original price quote may change. MidCity will contact customers and gain approval for additional repair/cost before proceeding.

All devices, appliances, and equipment are tested before and after to ensure everything is as it should be, and to ensure there is no other damage the customer and technician should be aware of.

If the device, appliance, or equipment is unable to be tested (i.e. screen is not functioning, no power, etc.) we can only assume that only the original task should need repaired and any following repairs are not covered under our guarantee of work, this is received and recorded as a DOA or Dead On Arrival.

A rough estimate in price is given, but is subject to change.

If a devices, appliances, or equipment is received and pass pre repair checklist test, but fails the post repair checklist, needs additional repair that wasn't checked on the pre checklist or just will not turn on, this is referred to as a DOO, or Dead On Open. This is rare, but possible situation where a device works just fine before a repair but won’t turn on after the repair, or when the device is taken apart. In this situation, MidCity Stereo Inc. will attempt all that they can to restore the devices, appliances, or equipment to a working state, but are in no way held responsible.

All repairs are subject to a $25 diagnostic/inspection fee, even with no repair.


Parts are guaranteed, but can sometimes arrive damaged, not working, or simply be the wrong part. Replacement parts can take up to 17 days to arrive.

Parts, if not in stock, can take up to 10 business days to arrive, most are shipped with 2 day shipping.


All phone repair devices are guaranteed for 30 days to ensure proper function. Any issues should be brought back to MidCity. Should a repair not be to the customers satisfaction, they are subject to a parts cost refund, given that MidCity can receive the part back.


Parts replaced by MidCity Stereo Inc. are warrantied for 1 year against defects.

Parts warranty is void if damage is done to the part that was repaired in any way.

Examples are cracked screens, liquid damage, fire, improper modification, etc.

Should the customer act on the warranty, the customer is entitled to a full replacement of labor and parts warranted, free of cost. The customer will still be bound by all statements made above.

Tinting is guaranteed for lifetime.

Lifetime is defined as the ability for the original device to receive software updates, cost effective repairs and or parts, product support expiration, and modification.

Disclaimer :

Repairs may void Manufacturer warranty or 3rd party insurance.

Data loss, though rare, is a possibility, MidCity Stereo Inc. is not responsible for any data loss.

Devices will not be returned until the repair is paid in full, unless otherwise agreed with the technician.

If a device, appliance, or equipment has not been picked up, unpaid, or no contact has been established after 60 days, the device is considered abandoned property, and is then deemed property of MidCity Inc.

Data from recovery is stored for 60 days, then marked for write over